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1/2" SB-5 Cylindrical End Cut 1/4" Shank Burr


Express Cut Burrs

Also referred to as Double Cut Burrs, Express Cut Burrs are general purpose burrs designed for rapid stock removal and improved operator control. Chip size is reduced and lower tool speeds can be used compared with standard cut burrs.


Express Cut Burrs are ideal for use in

  • carbon steel
  • cast iron
  • high strength steel
  • stainless steel
  • steel castings
  • steel welds
  • titanium alloy and
  • fibreglass composite


  • It may be necessary to alter the running speeds from those shown in the speed chart in order to achieve optimum performance
  • Harder materials require slower running speeds
  • Smaller burrs require faster running speeds
  • Long shank burrs require slower speeds for safety reasons
  • Apply constant movement and light pressure when using the burr
  • Running below the optimum speed will cause chipping
  • Running above optimum speed will cause premature tooth wear
  • Allowing the burr to become too hot may cause the braze to soften, and cause the head to become detached from the shank
  • Using tools and collets which have become worn will cause chipping
  • Do not sink the burr for more than one third of its periphery
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