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Hearing Protection

Are you looking for a comprehensive range of hearing protection in Australia? Maxisafe is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of safety ear protection, distributing across Australia and international markets through our ‘Preferred Distributor’ Network.

From protective earmuffs to safety earplugs, our products are ideal for use in environments where noise pollution and excessively loud sounds are an on going risk.

Our products guard against hearing loss and are ideal for construction, mining, civil engineering and other industries.

Precision Engineered

Maxisafe is dedicated to providing industry with innovative, high quality safety products. Our hearing safety equipment is precision engineered to meet the highest standards in New Zealand and Australia.

Maxisafe earmuffs come in a range of colours and styles and cover the ears completely. It cushions the ears and protects against loud noises. Our helmet earmuffs are designed to be used in conjunction with safety head gear.

Our earplugs are available in corded and uncorded styles. They fit snugly inside the ear and are made of soft, durable materials that are comfortable and ergonomic, without compromising performance. Filtering out sound successfully, they can be used in conjunction with earmuffs if the wearer is exposed to environments with extreme noise levels.

Ultimate Comfort and Safety

Our ear safety equipment provides the ultimate in comfort and safety. Maxisafe earplugs are anatomically moulded to fit the ear canal without applying pressure to them. Safety earmuffs have low headband tension for a comfortable fit and use sweat reducing materials to minimise discomfort and irritation.

Our products are durable and lightweight and can be worn for extended periods of time. This attention to detail makes Maxisafe one of the most trusted personal protective equipment manufacturers in Australia.

Stock up on ear safety equipment today. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our products. If you can’t sell them, send them back, and we will refund you.