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What size drill bit for rivnuts?

Steel Nut Inserts Perth

Rivnuts are an amazing product that can provide threads in materials too thin for tapping, or in blind holes with no access. WA Fasteners supply them in a variety of sizes and materials to suit most applications.

Now that you've got your Rivnuts, it's important to ensure the correct sized hole is drilled to ensure a proper fit for the Rivnut to be installed.

The first thing to note, all suppliers manufacture rivnuts to different specs and the hole size will vary. If you've purchased Rivnuts from WA Fasteners, use the following chart as a guide of what sized hole is required.


If a chart is not available from the supplier, you can also measure the outside diameter of the rivnut from the underside of the head. Do note that some Rivnuts are tapered so it's important to measure the largest section.

Below is an M8 Large Flange Steel Rivnut, when measured correctly it shows 13.44mm meaning we would use a 13.5mm Drill Bit.

As you can see on our Rivnut Chart for Steel Rivnuts, 13.5mm is what is listed

Different materials can call for different sizes!

Now, if we look at an M8 Large Flange Aluminium Rivnuts, you will notice the measurement is now 10.83mm which will require a 11mm Drill Bit. 

With all this in mind, always remember the below

  • Consult the Suppliers Chart to confirm correct size hole for drilling
  • Measure the Rivnut at the largest part under the head to get closest measurement
  • Test drilling the hole on a piece of scrap metal and ensure a snug fit for Rivnut

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