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Cyberbond TM44 Threadlocking Compound Medium Strength 10ML

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Is a single component anaerobic threadlocking adhesive, which is thixotropic and develops medium strength. The product cures between close fitting metal parts where there is an absence of air.

Prevents loosening of threaded fasteners. Suitable for pump and motor mounting bolts, engine rocker nuts or equipment housing screws etc. Allows disassembly with normal hand tools when servicing is required.

  •  Medium strength threadlocker
  •  Color: Blue
  •  Viscosity: 600 – 1200 mPa.s
  •  Gap Fill: 0.06 to 0.18mm
  •  Fixture Time: 15 – 60 minutes
  •  Torque Range: 10 – 20 Nm
  •  Temperature Range: -50 to +150C
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