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Ultraplan is used for levelling and smoothing differences in thicknesses from 1 to 15 mm on new or existing substrates, preparing them to receive any type of flooring where a high resistance to loads and traffic is required. Ultraplan is especially suitable for areas subject to wheeled chairs.

Some application examples

• Levelling concrete slabs and cementitious screeds or Topcem, Mapecem, Mapecem Pronto, Topcem Pronto based screeds.
• Levelling anhydrite substrates.
• Levelling underfloor heating systems.
• Substrate preparation under quality epoxy coatings (ie. Mapefloor I 300). • Levelling existing concrete pavements.


Ultraplan is a grey powder consisting of special rapid setting and hydrating cements, blended with graded silica sand, resins and special additives, according to a formula developed in the MAPEI research laboratory. Mixed with water, Ultraplan becomes a fluid and easily workable mortar, perfectly self-levelling, with a high bond strength and ultra-fast drying Ultraplan can be applied using an automatic pressure pump. Ultraplan can be spread in thicknesses up to 15 mm per coat without shrinkage, cracking or crazing, and develops very high compressive and flexural strength as well as resistance to indentation and abrasion. For thicknesses greater than 15 mm, it is recommended to add up to 50% of graded aggregrate from 2-5 mm. Installation of flooring can begin approx. 12 hours after the application of Ultraplan, regardless of thickness