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A Shapes 1/4" Shank AWCO Ceramic - Blue

Choose from a variety of sizes.

Mounted points in hardness J are manufactured from a vitrified bond and a grain mix of white aluminium oxide and blue ceramic. The soft bond in combination with the easy-tobreak-down, sharp-edged white aluminium oxide and the self-sharpening effect of the microcrystalline ceramic oxide grain allows extremely high stock removal rates with excellent
tool life. The hardness J is perfectly suited for surface work on titanium materials, nickel- and cobalt-based alloys, hardened steel components and built-up weld deposits.

- Cool grinding due to the easy-to-breakdown grain mix.
- High stock removal rate and very long tool life
- Constant stock removal through self-sharpening qualities of the ceramic oxide grain

Application examples:
- Re-finishing of turbine blades during aeroplane maintenance work
- Follow-up repair welding in tool and mould construction
- Grinding of repair welds on turbine blades

Recommendations for use:
- Mounted points of hardness J achieve their best performance at a cutting speed of 30 to 50 m/s
- Flexible shafts, electric grinders and airpowered straight grinders are suitable as tool drives